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Health And Nutrition Are The Most Important Young Single Mums Resources

Once a single mother has her childminding and accommodation requirements covered, her following aim is to ensure that her child has proper heath and nutritional care. On a tight income and without any parenting skills or counseling, teenage mothers may not realize the relevance of good nutrition and nurturing a baby properly. Young single mums resources must include a list of health and nutritional necessities that will assist both the baby and mother to live and thrive.

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A number of young single mums might be happy to breast-feed their baby, as research has shown that breast-feeding grants a newborn good general health and a robust immune system. However, many teenage single mums might not understand how to breast-feed, or might fear that breast-feeding will distort the size of their breasts. The La Leche League is a resource where one can ask for information in regards to breast-feeding, and in some localities they actually specialize in helping young single mums, by creating specialized meetings for them. There are not many other young single mums resources that stress the advantages of breast-feeding as well as the La Leche League.

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The WIC is a federally funded service, developed to supply low income mothers with nutritious foods, nutritional counseling, and referrals to specialized health care. Usually, the program caters for children under 5 years of age and the mum needs to be eligible for the program, based on earnings and other factors. The program is administered by the states and one must contact the state's social service program to qualify. So far as young single mums resources are concerned, this is one of the best nutritional assistance services that the Federal government sponsors.

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By registering with the state's department of social services, the young mum may have various other young single mums resources offered to her, like food coupons. Food stamps are now supplied in the form of an electronic benefits transfer card, which works in the same way as a debit card and can be very discreet. Applying for benefits at the social services agency requires time and patience, but can offer a level of assistance that is reliable for a short period of time.

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Public schools give the chance to low income earners to have their children participate in the federal school lunch system. Special milk and breakfast programs are also available. These programs are partially funded by the Federal government and are there to ensure that children receive proper nutrition while in school.

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Local food banks provide a minimum number of groceries to those that register. The food banks are usually privately funded, but the number of forms to complete is not very big, compared to applying for food coupons. In times of need, most families rely on their neighborhood food banks to fill their pantries when they are short of money. Local food banks have to be one of the most useful of all young single mums resources, as they encourage single mums to spend their cash for some of their other products.

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