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Money Saving Suggestions For Organizing A Wedding - Top 5 Indispensable Steps

Weddings don't have to be high priced to be remembered. In fact, by following these 5 simple steps to planning a wedding, your marriage event will not only be enjoyable & memorable, it'll be tremendously affordable too.

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5 Simple Steps Of How to Plan a Wedding on a Super Tight Budget...

Live wedding music can be expensive for couples on a financial budget. However, we found some secrets to help keep the music flowing, with costs low and without DJs.

1. Discuss the Budget. Talk with your husband/wife about the wedding's budget along with any additional money the two of you can scrounge up for the wedding. Getting a realistic figure to work with is key. Don't say the budget is $10 000 unless you actually have $10 000 to work with. Don't be optimistic or pessimistic -- be realistic.

2. Bring your Plans Down on Paper. Arrange for everything and anything. Write down want you desire, what you don't need, as well as what you MIGHT want. No matter the size of the detail, put it down on the paper.

Want to save some money on the wedding reception yet still be able to put together a fun event? Well, probably the answer is obviously, isn't it? You have to follow the basic, money saving steps to planning a wedding reception.

3. Prioritize. Generate two lists: one for the reception and one for the ceremony. Move everything from the initial list (Step 2: Get Your Plans Down on Paper) to these two lists starting with most important and ending with the least important. When it's all carried out, you'll have 2 lists showing you & your partner what involves the most consideration as well as what needs the least.

When you have professional wedding videos, you can look at them whenever you want. You can relive this most blessed day as often as you choose.

4. Ideas: Beside each item on the lists (From Step 3: Prioritize), come up with ideas about how to acquire that item cheaply. Here are some examples of how to do this properly.

Wedding gown:

- Ask mom/grandmother if you could actually have the honor of wearing hers.

- Browse antique stores for bargains.

- Check thrift shops for slightly used wedding gowns.

- Call costume shops and see what they provide.


- Take into consideration buying wine, beer, champagne, etc in bulk and serving the drinks yourself.

- Contact a local vineyard and deal directly with them for a lower price.

- Offer a variety of options, but do NOT offer an open bar.

5. Self-confidence and Tolerance. You have to be confident when aiming to plan a wedding. Not everything would naturally go your way, while at the same time a lot of things will -- take the bad with the good. You only have to keep patient and know that you'll save a lot of money when the wedding planning is all said and done.

Maine barn wedding ceremonies are renowned around the world although many say marriage is just like a risky game or tragamonedas.

Adhere to the 5 steps to planning a wedding on a budget above and you'll have a much easier time getting everything organized for your big day.

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